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Driven by a friendship that has spanned two decades and 3,000 miles, in 2006 Mario Batali, Nancy Silverton, and Joe Bastianich opened Pizzeria Mozza - the bustling, madly popular burst of urban flavor and color in the heart of Los Angeles.

Together with up-and-coming superstar Executive Chef Matt Molina, this dynamic team came together to bring their take on a pizzeria to all the Angelenos who crave wood-burning pizza, delectable antipasti and a distinctive, energetic vibe.

Now, the same business lunchers, soccer moms, movie stars, foodies, pizza mavens, dough-obsessed bloggers, and late-night clubgoers who have enjoyed Pizzeria Mozza with enthusiasm can bring the party back to their place. MOZZA2GO offers signature items such as Nancy's legendary Chopped Salad, Chicken Liver Bruschette, and the stunning Fennel Sausage Pizza so you can either call ahead for DELIVERY or TAKE OUT your order in our little shop lined with premier ingredients for your own kitchen. From creamy artisinal Burrata handpicked by Nancy's exacting palette to authentic dried pastas and sauces, the shelves of MOZZA2GO are the new neighborhood Italian specialty shop.